6 Things To Know Before Buying Collagen Powder Drinks

What things should you know before buying collagen drinks?

  1. What it is
  2. Types of collagen
  3. Its benefits
  4. What causes collagen deficiency
  5. When you should take collagen
  6. How to pick the best collagen drink

Collagen drinks are something that everyone’s heard about at least once. You might have seen someone adding it to their morning smoothie, or stirring it into their coffee. These days, it seems like just about everyone is either taking it religiously or interested in jumping on board. 

But what is collagen, and why are people taking it? If you have thought about giving it a try, read on. Here are the six things to know before buying collagen drinks

What it is

Collagen, simply put, is an essential protein for your body. It is in fact the most abundant one and acts as the “glue” between all your joints, muscles, and connective tissue. It’s also the structural component that makes up the majority of your bones, hair, skin, and nails. Collagen, needless to say, is a pretty important nutrient for your body.

Normally, your body produces its own collagen — and can get more from food sources like fish, eggs, dairy, and the like. However, as your body ages, its ability to create and absorb collagen decreases. The collagen in your body also begins to deteriorate. This causes signs of aging, such as brittle hair and nails, cellulite, sagging skin, joint pain, and more. 

This is where collagen supplements and drinks come in. It’s a powerful way of supporting your body’s collagen levels as its natural production slows! 

Types of collagen

There are over 20 types of collagen that can be found in different parts of the body. The different chemical makeup of each type of collagen depends on where it’s found. For example, the collagen used for joint cartilage will have a different makeup compared to those found in the gut lining. 

However, each of these 20+ collagen types can be categorized into 5 main types of collagen. From these 5, 3 can be found in supplements and drinks: 

  • Type I — the most abundant type of collagen. Found in about 90% of all the tissue in your body, including your tendons, bone, cartilage, and connective tissues.
  • Type II — usually found in cartilage.
  • Type III — often used alongside Type I collagen, can be found in muscles, organs, arteries, and some connective tissue. 

Its benefits

Its benefits

There are many benefits to taking collagen drinks. Because it supports the natural stores your body creates and absorbs, it has many effects in regards to skin, joint and bone health. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits you could experience from taking collagen drinks: 

  • Skin — Improves skin elasticity! It keeps your skin looking younger, and boosts firmness and hydration. As a result, it prevents early signs of aging. It can also help reduce the appearance of pores and cellulite. 
  • Hair and nails — Similar to your skin, collagen keeps your hair and nails hydrated. This prevents brittleness and weakness. It can also help them grow faster and stronger!
  • Bone and joints — Collagen can reduce inflammation and breakdown between joints. This is especially beneficial for those with inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Gut — Helps repair and strengthen the gut lining. This prevents conditions like inflammatory bowel diseases and leaky gut syndrome. Collagen also restores lining in other digestive organs, such as the stomach and intestine. This improves nutrient absorption and digestive health. 
  • Muscles — Like other proteins, collagen can help with muscle health and muscle growth. It provides the necessary amino acids for muscle recovery, too!

What causes collagen deficiency

We mentioned that age gradually slows down your body’s collagen production. It’s one of the biggest factors in collagen deficiencies. But did you know it can start as early as your 30s? Unfortunately, you may start experiencing collagen deficiency as soon as you hit that age. 

Other factors also contribute to this loss of collagen. Certain diet and lifestyle choices, such as eating too many refined fats and sugars, smoking, and even exposure to air pollution can all impact your collagen stores. 

When you should take collagen

The moment your body starts showing signs of collagen loss, the damage has already been done. The key, then, to reaping the most benefits out of your collagen drink is to do it as early as possible!

Ideally, you should get ahead of waning collagen levels and start taking collagen as early as your 20s. But, if you’re worried you’re too late, don’t be! Any time is a good time to start taking collagen! 

When it comes to what time of day you should be taking your collagen supplements, the answer comes down to preference. Some people like taking it with their morning tea, or right before they wind down for the night. Either way, you’re giving your body the proteins it needs, so it doesn’t really matter as long as you take it regularly. 

How to pick the best collagen drink

How to pick the best collagen drink

Not all collagen is created equal. Collagen found in supplements is often taken from connective tissue found in animals. However, some producers pad their supplements with fillers or additives — which you want to avoid. 

We recommend finding one made from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals or wild-caught fish, and whose products have been third-party tested for purity.

We also recommend products that contain hydrolyzed collagen. These are collagen proteins that are broken down into smaller particles, which helps them become more easily absorbable for your body.

Some collagen supplements also come infused with other vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin C, iron, calcium, fiber, and the like. These ingredients help maximize the benefits of collagen for your body and provide targeted results. For example, taking a collagen drink infused with vitamin C can work wonders for your complexion and skin health! 

If you’re looking for a collagen drink that ticks all of these boxes, check out Bona Vita’s Collagen Drink. It’s a ready-mix formula that provides a powerful dose of collagen, among other essential nutrients! All you have to do is dissolve the contents of the sachet into your favorite drink, and you can easily reap all the benefits of collagen. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve read our list of things to know before buying collagen drinks, you’re prepared to dive into the world of collagen supplements! Start taking some today to protect your joints, skin, muscles, and more from the effects of early aging.

6 Things To Know Before Buying Collagen Powder Drinks

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