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Best Instant Coffee in the Philippines From Bona Vita

Model Drinking Bona Vita's Instant Coffee in the Philippines

Many of us have a ton of things to do at work and at home. Whether you’re dealing with a full-time job or tackling all the household errands in the Philippines, you need a strong pick-me-up to power through all of it. That’s where the best instant coffee in the Philippines comes into the picture.

Sipping on coffee can keep you energized throughout the day and fine-tune your focus. Many of us depend on that daily cup of joe to get our day started right. But, not all coffees are the same. If you’re looking for the best instant coffee in the Philippines, check out Bona Vita’s website. We carry the best organic coffee in the country, offering the best benefits for your energy and health. Read on!

What Is The Best Instant Coffee In The Philippines?

Organic Instant Coffee Mix in the Philippines

When it comes to instant coffee, it’s best to go organic. And, as a high-quality organic coffee manufacturer in the Philippines, Bona Vita takes pride in crafting the best instant coffee packed with beneficial and natural ingredients.

Here is a list of our instant coffee products, and why they are the popular choice for coffee drinkers around the Philippines:

Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee: Best Organic Instant Coffee Mix

Bonavita 8-in-1 Organic Instant Coffee in the Philippines

Not all coffees are made the same. There are 3-in-1 instant coffee drinks offered in supermarkets and stores, but Bona Vita’s 8-in-1 Coffee goes above and beyond all of them. Unlike other local options, our best instant coffee in the Philippines is 100% organic, only using natural and healthy ingredients. Plus, our careful formula combines several ingredients that provide more benefits to your health. The Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee is the healthier drink alternative to start your day with!

BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee: Best Organic Instant Coffee for Weightloss

Bona Vita 15-in-1 BonaSlim Slimming Instant Coffee in the Philippines

Did you know that our instant coffee can also be used for weight loss? BonaSlim 15-in-1 is specially formulated to help your body alter fat storage, support gut health, and improve your athletic performance — all of which are beneficial to healthy weight management! Plus, it’s usable for those with Diabetes and hyperacidity, thanks to our natural sugar and anti-acidic ingredients. Make your body beautiful and slim with a cup of the best instant coffee in the Philippines!

Benefits Of Our Instant Coffee in the Philippines

There’s a good reason why we take special care in sourcing and using only organic ingredients in our instant coffee. Organic coffee is by far one of the healthiest drinks that you can take and is much better for your body in the long run. Here’s how:

Grown Organically and Naturally

Non-organic farming makes use of synthetic chemicals, found in products like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and much more. It’s common knowledge by now that using such products can impart health concerns to the crops and food that they’re used on.

Bona Vita wants to avoid these chemicals and their linked health hazards when making the best instant coffee in the Philippines. Organic farming helps us stay free of such risks.

Packed With More Nutrients

Maintaining your health not only requires you to stay physically active, but also to keep a diet that is rich in all the essential nutrients. Unfortunately, most people struggle to reach their recommended daily nutrient needs. This is where our organic coffee comes into the picture.

As they are made free of synthetic chemicals, our ingredients are much healthier and are packed with more nutrients than non-organic options. With each cup of the best instant coffee in the Philippines from Bona Vita, you get a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals — which better fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

Provides A Variety Of Health Benefits

Because it is jam-packed with nutrients, our instant coffee from the Philippines offers a whole host of health benefits in each cup. For example, our 8-in-1 organic coffee can help lower your blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, and provide support for your immune system, energy levels, bone health, kidney health, liver health, and much more.

Another example is our BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee, which promotes fat burning, boosts energy levels, enhances athletic performance, protects heart health, and supports muscle growth and repair.

What’s In Our Instant Coffee?

Bona Vita Instant Coffee in the Philippines

Drinking a cup of our organic coffee in the Philippines is a great way to start the day because it is packed with health benefits! These are thanks to all the great ingredients that we choose to make the best instant coffee in the Philippines.

Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee

Our Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee contains the following ingredients:

  •     Mangosteen
  •     Guyabano
  •     Moringa
  •     Ganoderma
  •     Acai Berry
  •     Stevia

Despite all the great things it’s made from, the price of this organic coffee from the Philippines won’t break the bank. Each pack is affordable, yet is more potent and beneficial for your body than just regular coffee!

Want to know where to buy this instant coffee? These are available to order on our website, Lazada store, and official Facebook page!

BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee

Specially formulated to offer the best benefits for your weight loss journey, our BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee is made from the following organic ingredients:

  •     Robusta Coffee
  •     Vitamin C
  •     Green Tea
  •     L-Carnitine
  •     Garcinia Cambogia
  •     Barley Grass
  •     Inulin Fiber
  •     Senna Leaves
  •     Psyllium Husk
  •     Turmeric
  •     Moringa
  •     Mangosteen
  •     Ganoderma
  •     Spirulina
  •     Guyabano
  •     Stevia

You can purchase this instant coffee on the same platforms: our website, Lazada store, and official Facebook page. You can also become a wholesaler, earn money on the side, and help us spread the best instant coffee in the Philippines — contact us today to learn more about how to become a seller!

Drink To Your Health With The Best Instant Coffee In The Philippines From Bona Vita!

Upgrade your daily cup of joe and drink to your health with Bona Vita, the maker of the best instant coffee in the Philippines! Our drinks will keep you energized, healthy, and feeling your best — no matter what you have planned for the day.

Shop this instant coffee today from Bona Vita! Simply load up your cart on our official platforms, and you’ll have these affordable, healthy drinks to enjoy at home. We also offer other healthy organic products in our store, so be sure to check them out!

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