How Organic Coffee Can Help Your Digestive Health

How can organic coffee help your digestive health?

  1. More Fiber
  2. More Antioxidants
  3. Increases Metabolism
  4. Easier on the Stomach
  5. Free from Harmful Chemicals



How Organic Coffee Can Help Your Digestive Health

Organic coffee is a type of coffee that has been grown according to organic farming techniques and standards. This type of coffee is known for its rich and delicious taste, which makes it a popular choice amongst coffee drinkers. Many people are interested in the possible health benefits of switching from regular to organic coffee. Those with digestive problems may be considering the change. Read on to learn how organic coffee can help with your digestive health.

More Fiber

Fiber is good for our digestive systems, and we typically need 25 to 30 grams of fiber every day. In a normal cup of coffee, there are about 1.1 grams of soluble dietary fiber, which can help people meet their dietary requirements quite easily (especially if they drink a few cups a day).

Organic coffee is also a great source of fiber — one cup has 1.5 to 1.8 grams of soluble fiber. This means that drinking a few cups of organic coffee can provide you with additional fiber without much fuss on your end.

Fiber is important in our digestive health because it is key to a healthy gut microbiome. A microbiome is a vast community of bacteria and microorganisms in your digestive system, most of which are beneficial to your health. You need a healthy microbiome to have normal digestive functions and a more robust immune system against digestive disease.

When your microbiome gets out of balance, this means that the unhealthy bacteria can start to multiply and overcrowd the microbiome, overpowering the healthy bacteria. This imbalance is called Dysbiosis and can lead to gas and bloating, and even obesity.

A good fiber intake also helps with gut diversity — which means that many bacteria species in the microbiome are formed. When there’s a high level of diversity, it helps to prevent dysbiosis. Diversity helps healthy bacteria multiply while keeping unhealthy bacteria in check.

Research shows that regularly drinking organic coffee can promote diversity and microbiome health. It also found that these people have higher levels of anti-inflammatory gut bacteria and a lower number of potentially harmful bacteria.

More Antioxidants

More Antioxidants

Organic coffee is also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are special molecules that improve your immune system and health. While there are many foods that contain antioxidants, many people do not consume these on a daily basis like they do with coffee. So, drinking organic coffee is an easy way to give your body plenty of antioxidants.

But what do antioxidants do exactly? They protect your body against molecules called free radicals. While they do have benefits for your body at normal levels — they cause a process called oxidation — high levels of free radicals can cause damage to protein and DNA cells.

Antioxidants keep these free radicals in check, effectively disarming them. This protects against diseases that can be caused by too much oxidation. Some of the antioxidants used in this process are found in high quantities in organic coffee. One of these is hydroxycinnamic acids, which are very effective at neutralizing these molecules and protecting your digestive health.

Increases Metabolism

Caffeine, one of the main components of organic coffee, is known to boost your metabolism. It is able to do this by stimulating your nervous system, by blocking an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine. When this is blocked, the firing of neurons and release of dopamine and norepinephrine are increased.

This makes you feel more energized and awake and has your metabolism working faster. When your body feels active, it has actual biological effects on your performance and activity. In fact, research has found that caffeine can boost exercise performance by 11 to 12%!

A more active metabolism can also help your body in cleansing toxins and waste from your body. This is expelled through perspiration and improved bowel movements. These toxins need to be expelled because they have harmful effects on various bodily functions, including your digestive system. Toxins can cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), upset stomach, and acid reflux.

Easier on the Stomach

Easier on the Stomach

Organic coffee is also easier on your stomach when compared to regular coffee. Coffee, like soda or citrus juice, is fairly acidic. While coffee will always have these natural acids — organic or not — the level of acidity can drop depending on how it’s grown and harvested. Cultivating coffee organically lessens these acidity levels and creates an easier experience for your stomach.

Acidic drinks can exacerbate existing problems with your digestive system if you’re not careful. It can trigger your acid reflux and even worsen that to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If drinking regular coffee makes your chest feel warm and tight, then you might be experiencing that side effect of acidity — now may be the best time to switch to organic coffee!

Free from Harmful Chemicals

The chemicals used in traditional coffee farming methods can end up being absorbed by coffee beans. All of this residue will eventually make its way into your morning drink, and into your body. The effects of long-term exposure to low doses of chemical residue can affect several organs — especially your digestive tract.

It’s advised to minimize your exposure to these chemicals to avoid worsening your digestive health and causing frequent stomach problems. Aside from stopping your coffee habit altogether, a good solution is to go organic.

Organic coffee is not exposed to the same synthetic substances that regular coffee is. Organic coffee farms avoid using pesticides, fertilizers, plant hormones, and other chemicals when cultivating their coffee beans. Instead, they substitute these with more sustainable farming practices.

Due to this type of coffee being organically grown without the use of toxic substances, it becomes one of the best and simplest solutions to avoiding chemical residue in your diet.

Key Takeaway

If you’re a coffee lover but are worried about its effects on your digestive health, the best thing to do is consider your alternative options. Knowing how organic coffee can help your digestive health makes this option an attractive one. For those looking to make a switch, we recommend choosing a coffee that actively benefits your health. Try one of the best organic options from the top organic coffee provider here in the PhilippinesBonavita’s Organic 8-1 Coffee! Or check out our full list of Bonavita’s available instant coffee for sale in the Philippines!

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