Weight Loss Coffee VS. Regular Coffee: 3 Things To Know About BonaSlim

What’s the difference between weight loss vs regular coffee?

  1. Coffee varietal
  2. Phenol content
  3. Augmenting ingredients

Slimming down and reaching your weight goal is a challenging task for many people. This is why it makes sense to see hundreds of different products on the market that supposedly help you lose weight. But have you heard about how coffee — a drink that’s normally sweet and packed with additives — helps you lose weight? In this blog, we look closer into the difference between regular vs weight loss coffee. We cover everything you need to know about coffee and how it can help you shave off those last few stubborn pounds. 

Does Coffee Have Weight Loss Benefits?

Does Coffee Have Weight Loss Benefits?

First, let’s talk about coffee in general. Does coffee have any possible weight management benefits? The short answer is yes.  

Coffee’s main active ingredient is caffeine. Aside from helping you wake up in the morning, caffeine does have weight loss benefits as it can boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Coffee is also a very light beverage. There are less than 5 calories per cup of plained brewed coffee! The reason why some cafe-made coffee beverages make you gain weight is because of all the additives they add, such as milk, syrup, and whipped cream.

Weight loss coffees build upon the fact that coffee is naturally light, and boosts your energy levels, metabolism, and alertness to help your body gradually lose weight. Here’s how:

Coffee varietal

Coffee varietal

When it comes to everyday coffees, there are only two types of varietal used: arabica and robusta. For regular coffees, arabica is the more popular choice. But for weight loss coffees, robusta beans are rising in popularity. But why? Robusta beans have almost twice the caffeine levels that arabica beans do, offering 2.7% caffeine content.

Robusta beans are also packed with higher levels of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants compared to arabica coffee. These chemicals offer important health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, elevated metabolism, and more. This makes the robusta beans found in weight loss coffees a much better choice for your weight loss journey overall. 

Phenol content

Another difference between regular vs weight loss coffee is the phenol levels contained. 

Phenols are a type of antioxidant that is found in coffee and has proven benefits for weight loss. It helps reduce insulin production, which inhibits your body’s ability to store fat — pushing it to burn the fat you already have for energy. However, this antioxidant is very delicate and is easily destroyed in the roasting process.

Regular coffee tends to go further along in the roasting process, creating more medium-dark to dark roasts, which results in lower phenol levels. On the other hand, weight loss coffees are made with light to medium roasts, which contain higher phenol levels. 

Another added benefit to having lighter-roasted coffee is that they’re not as bitter as dark roasts, which means you can skip all the flavor additives (such as sugar and creamer) to enjoy your beverage. 

Augmenting ingredients

Aside from the roast level, another difference to consider is the ingredients your coffee contains. Regular coffee generally only contains, well, coffee. But weight loss coffee often has augmenting ingredients that boost their weight loss benefits, such as Garcinia Cambogia, Spirulina, Chlorella, and other ingredients.

Some of these ingredients may sound familiar to you. After all, they’re popular for their dense nutritional value, their ability to boost your metabolism, their function as an appetite suppressant or fat inhibitor, and more. 

On their own, these ingredients are a powerful tool in a weight loss program. But when taken together with the light-roasted robusta coffee in a weight loss product like our BonaSlim, then you essentially have a superfood for weight loss! 

What other ingredients does Bona Vita’s BonaSlim have?

Our weight loss coffee — BonaSlim — comes with 15 great ingredients. This means each cup is loaded with supplements that promote healthy weight loss and can help you maintain your goal weight with ease. 

Here’s what you can find in Bona Vita’s BonaSlim: 

  • Phenols — boost metabolism, promotes fat burning, and reduce calorie intake. 
  • Caffeine — increases energy levels, stimulates your metabolism, and keeps you active. 
  • Stevia — is a natural sweetener that is healthier compared to traditional ones (such as brown sugar). 
  • Vitamin C — is a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity and vitality.
  • Green Tea — is high in antioxidants and phenols, and helps detoxify and cleanse your body of harmful toxins. 
  • L-Carnitine — supports your heart health and increases body metabolism. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia — suppresses appetite and inhibits fat storage, which leads to weight loss. 
  • Barley Grass — promotes your immune system and gut health, which helps prevent bloating and weight gain. 
  • Inulin Fiber – supports your digestive health, and increases the frequency of your bowel movements.
  • Senna Leaves — helps treat bowel problems and promote healthy bowel movements. 
  • Psyllium Husk — makes your digestive system run smoothly, and decreases gas and risk of constipation. 
  • Turmeric — supports your immune system, and heart health, and is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 
  • Moringa — protects and nourishes your skin and hair, promoting a vibrant and youthful look. 
  • Mangosteen — packed with vitamins and helps reduce weight gain and high blood pressure. 
  • Ganoderma — helps your body fight off fatigue and sickness, increases your energy levels and stamina, and lowers your cholesterol and inflammation levels. 
  • Spirulina — is full of proteins and vitamins that are useful for weight loss, and supports your overall health.
  • Guyabano — lowers inflammation, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Key Takeaway

For coffee-lovers seeking to achieve a healthier weight, the choice between weight loss vs regular coffee is clear. The three key differences between these beverages show that weight loss coffee like our BonaSlim is specifically brewed to help your body get the nutrients and natural chemicals it needs to help your body lose weight, maintain it, and be healthier overall. Interested in experiencing the many benefits of our BonaSlim for yourself? Order it now in Bona Vita’s online store!

Weight Loss Coffee VS. Regular Coffee: 3 Things To Know About BonaSlim
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