How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee at Home


  • This article highlights the simplicity and convenience of making iced coffee at home using instant coffee for a swift and satisfying coffee fix.
  • Ingredients for homemade iced coffee include Bonavita Instant Coffee, water, ice cubes, and optional sweetener and milk. Follow these steps for perfection.
  • Explore trending coffee drinks: Dalgona Coffee, Coffee Lemonades, and Coffee Pudding.

Embracing the art of coffee-making doesn’t always demand intricate processes and specialized equipment. For those who are looking for a swift and satisfying coffee fix, instant coffee emerges as a convenient ally.

Explore the simplicity and speed of instant coffee in our guide to crafting refreshing iced coffee in this article. Follow our straightforward steps on how to make iced coffee at home, ensuring your homemade iced coffee stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the best café options.

how to make iced coffee at home


  • Bonavita Instant Coffee – Adhere to the suggested serving size on the packaging.
  • Water – Opt for cold or room temperature filtered water.
  • Ice Cubes – Prepare plenty of ice to chill the coffee.
  • Sweetener and Milk (Optional) – Tailor to your preferences.

How to:

  1. Prepare: Follow Bonavita Instant Coffee packaging guidelines for blending with water.
  2. Dissolve: Stir thoroughly for complete instant coffee dissolution.
  3. Cool: Allow the coffee to reach room temperature or speed up with refrigeration.
  4. Ice Up: Fill the glass with ample ice cubes to maintain chill without dilution.
  5. Pour: Gently pour cooled instant coffee over the ice.
  6. Customize (Optional): Add sweetener and milk to taste. Stir for a balanced blend.
  7. Garnish (Optional): Elevate with lemon, cinnamon, or preferred garnish.
  8. Enjoy: Give a final stir and savor your simple, delicious homemade iced coffee!

Other Trending Coffee Drinks That You Can Try

As the coffee scene evolves, a multitude of inventive and enticing concoctions has emerged, tempting enthusiasts to venture beyond the familiar. Because of the versatility of this delicious drink, it has been recrafted repeatedly, resulting in an array of options to be sipped and savored

Dalgona Coffee

Embark on a flavorful journey with Bonavita Instant Coffee as we delve into the art of crafting the perfect Dalgona coffee.

This South Korean sensation seamlessly blends contemporary trendiness with coffee’s rich tradition. But before you whip up the velvety froth, let’s unravel captivating coffee tales – from the 1740s introduction of coffee to the Philippines by Franciscan monks, Batangas’ claim as the birthplace of Philippine coffee, to the surprising fat-burning properties of coffee jelly.

Discover the global roots of Dalgona Coffee in Macau and India, sweetly linked to the Dalgona Korean Sponge Cake. Here’s how to craft your Bonavita-inspired Dalgona coffee.

  1. Begin by measuring out the recommended serving size of Bonavita Instant Coffee as indicated on the packaging.
  2. In a bowl, combine this instant coffee with an equal amount of sugar and hot water.
  3. Whip the mixture vigorously until it transforms into a velvety and thick froth, achieving the signature Dalgona coffee topping.
  4. Once your Dalgona froth is ready, heat or prepare your preferred milk, whether it’s cold or steamed.

Coffee Lemonades

Coffee Lemonades

Transforming your coffee routine into a revitalizing experience, concocting a coffee lemonade with Bona Vita Instant Coffee is a delightful adventure.

  1. Begin by adhering to the recommended serving size of Bonavita Instant Coffee as indicated on the packaging.
  2. Create a concentrated coffee infusion by dissolving the instant coffee in water and allowing it to cool to room temperature for an added refreshing touch.
  3. Meanwhile, fill a glass with ice cubes, establishing a crisp canvas for your coffee lemonade.
  4. Once the coffee concentrate reaches its ideal temperature, pour it over the ice.
  5. Infuse a zesty flair by squeezing fresh lemon juice into the coffee, adjusting the quantity to meet your taste preferences.
  6. Thoroughly blend the combination, harmonizing the robust coffee nuances with the invigorating citrus essence of lemon.

Coffee Pudding

Turning your iced coffee into a pudding is a creative and delicious way to enjoy this refreshing beverage in a new form. Here’s a simple recipe to make iced coffee pudding:


  • 2 cups hot water
  • 1/2 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar (to taste)
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional toppings: whipped cream, chocolate shavings, caramel sauce


  1. Dissolve Bona Vita instant coffee in hot water in a bowl.
  2. Combine instant coffee mixture, milk, heavy cream, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract, and salt in a saucepan.
  3. Heat mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly, until it thickens (5-7 minutes).
  4. Once thickened, cool slightly, then refrigerate for 2 hours until chilled.
  5. Serve chilled pudding in bowls or glasses with ice cubes.
  6. Optionally, top with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or caramel sauce.
  7. Enjoy your Bona Vita instant coffee pudding immediately or store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Key Takeaway

By adhering to the straightforward steps provided in this guide, you can easily acquire the skills on how to make iced coffee at home that stand on par with the offerings of your preferred coffee establishment.

Enhance your coffee journey effortlessly with Bonavita’s indulgent flavors, guaranteeing a delightful cup that rivals your favorite coffee shop creations. Reach out to us today to relish perfection in every sip, all from the convenience of your home!

How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee at Home
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