Complete List of Summer Iced Coffee Drink Ideas

What are the iced coffee drink ideas for the summer?

  1. Banana milk iced coffee
  2. Iced caramel latte
  3. Nutella iced coffee
  4. Affogato
  5. Dalgona coffee


  • Banana milk can be a refreshing substitute for your usual creamer or milk.
  • Caramel and Nutella add a creamy sweetness to your coffee drink.
  • Affogato coffee is an Italian recipe made with vanilla ice cream.
  • Dalgona coffee needs whisking to get that signature fluffy texture.

Coffee is a drink of many for all seasons. It is a ritual that many find comfort as an energizer in the morning or an afternoon treat. It is also a versatile beverage that you can mix up to fit the weather.

As the sun is out more than ever, why not elevate your summer sipping experience with these unique and delicious drinks? Here are five amazing summer iced coffee drink ideas for you to enjoy and to keep you cool.

Banana Milk Iced Coffee

Banana is not an unusual flavor for Filipinos. This fruit is available all year long. It is a staple in our households, which is why this fruit builds a refreshing take on our morning beverage.

Adding banana milk to your drink sweetens your iced coffee. Think of it as a replacement for your creamer or other milk products. This new addition to your morning routine enhances your coffee-drinking experience.

It is also a simple recipe. You just need to prepare your coffee how you would normally and pour in a dash or two of banana milk.

Iced Caramel Latte

Iced caramel latte

Caramel is a sweet, creamy, and buttery flavor that many coffee enthusiasts love. It is also known as a quick treat after meals.

An iced caramel latte is an ideal summer drink since it cools our body while getting a sweet kick. The caramel compliments the taste of coffee very well. Besides that, being that this is a latte, it means more milk! This is perfect for those who want to lessen the taste of coffee.

Preparing this drink means adding two steps to your coffee routine. After preparing your favorite Bona Vita coffee, you can add in the milk of your choice and drizzle your caramel sauce. If you want a little bit of a garnish, you can add a good heaping of whipped cream to your cup.

Nutella Iced Coffee

One of the more dessert-like iced coffee drink ideas is this Nutella iced coffee. Just like the iced caramel latte, this tastes like a perfect after-meal course for the whole family to enjoy.

Nutella is made from hazelnuts and cocoa, which gives it its creamy and sweet flavor. It is a brown spread typically used on bread. It has since then grown to become an ingredient for many desserts like ice cream, cake, donuts, and more.

Combining Nutella with your iced coffee is a match made in heaven, especially for those with a sweet tooth. Nutella, known for satisfying sweet cravings, pairs perfectly with the boldness of coffee, making it a perfect drink for your summer sips. You simply need to make your coffee, add this sweet brown spread, pour in milk, and stir.

To make sure you incorporate all the flavors together, using hot water can dissolve the thickness of the Nutella into your coffee.



Affogato, meaning ‘drowned’, is one of the iconic Italian recipes. This Mediterranean drink is catered to hot summer days because it uses ice cream, which everybody loves.

Vanilla ice cream is the best flavor to add to this drink. It acts as a milk or cream substitute. This makes your coffee thicker and sweeter. If you have leftover ice cream and no milk in the pantry, this would be a creative hack to still enjoy your beverage.

Usually done with espresso, it can also be prepared with instant coffee of your liking. You only need to prepare your coffee with hot water and pour over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Dalgona Coffee

One of the things the pandemic taught us is how to make the perfect coffee at home. The once-viral coffee recipe is a testament to that.

Dalgona coffee is a thick and fluffy beverage. Originating in South Korea, this drink is known to have the tedious task of hand-whisking the main ingredients, such as coffee, hot water, and sugar. The main step is to combine equal parts of the ingredients and mix until they become frothy.

The texture of the Dalgona coffee is usually stabilized by the sugar you add to it. This makes this drink a sweet coffee for the summer. While this is a forefront flavor, the bitterness of the coffee and the lightness of milk, in case you add it, are still savored.

To add them all in a cup, you need to put your ice cubes in first, milk, and your foamy mixture.

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or seeking relaxation, you can upgrade your summer experience with these five refreshing iced coffee drink ideas. From using banana milk and vanilla ice cream to adding Nutella and caramel, coffee is so much more than a pick-me-up. It is also a little cheeky dessert for whatever time of day.

Try these exciting recipes in your kitchen with our Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee. It has extracts from malunggay, mangosteen, and more, making your drink pumped with many nutrients. Enjoy your coffee habit guilt-free and contact us today!

Complete List of Summer Iced Coffee Drink Ideas
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