How to Make Iced Quick Brew With Bona Vita

How to make an iced quick brew with Bona Vita?

  1. Prepare your coffee
  2. Add your milk of choice
  3. Pour in your favorite sweetener
  4. Pick your beverage container


  • Instant coffee gives you a quicker solution to satisfy your caffeine routine.
  • For a convenient cup of Bona Vita coffee, just follow the instructions in the sachet.
  • Milk adds creaminess and smoothness to your drink.
  • Sugar, honey, and syrups offer distinct sweet flavors to cater to your preferences.
  • Choosing the right container for your iced brew ensures that your drink stays fresh and cold wherever you go.

A quick seasonal change in your routine is important to combat the summer heat. While others shower twice as much, an easy update in your routine is your coffee habit.

Iced brew drinks are a great way to cool off whenever you are enjoying your favorite caffeine. Whether it is taken in the morning or as an afternoon delight, let’s make an iced quick brew that is right just for you!

Advantages of Using Instant Coffee

Choosing your coffee is important in the foundation of your drink. Selecting between normal coffee grounds and instant coffee can change your routine.

Brewing coffee grounds is a tedious task. It involves many steps such as grinding, measuring, and contemplating the coffee and water ratio. Brewing time and water temperature are two other details to comply with. These two factors affect the rate of extraction in your coffee. This usually refers to the flavors and substances dissolved in your chosen coffee beans.

Apart from these steps, brewing your coffee also means the need for tools and equipment. These can be coffee grinders, coffee makers or brewing devices, coffee filters, and more. This can be a very time-consuming and expensive routine.

With instant coffee, your iced brew or cold brew needs are satisfied more quickly. This is because more than half of these steps are already done for you. You only need to pour in the contents, add water, and stir, giving you the utmost convenience to quick start your day.

How to Make an Iced Quick Brew with Bona Vita?

Bona Vita offers customers two varieties of instant coffee with distinct benefits available for you. Our Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee offers you a delicious and nutritious cup. It is served with extracts from malunggay, mangosteen, guyabano, ganoderma, and acai berry.

Our second instant coffee is BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee. It aims to help improve your diet. With ingredients like L-carnitine and Garcinia Cambogia, this drink can support your weight loss journey.

To begin enjoying your Bona Vita iced brew, here are the easy and quick steps to follow.

Prepare Your Coffee

After choosing your preferred Bona Vita coffee, you can simply follow the instructions on the packet. Usually, you only need to pour the content of the sachet into a cup, add hot water, and stir. For one sachet of instant coffee, you need approximately 150ml cold water. Stirring the powder well ensures that the granules are dissolved properly. You can add your ice in this step as well.

Add Your Milk of Choice

Add your milk of choice

Adding milk gives your drink a creamy texture. This makes it smoother and more delicious to drink. It also mellows out any strong or intense flavor of the coffee.

There are four types of milk you can select from such as whole, reduced fat, skim, and non-dairy milk. Whole milk is the most common type. Reduced-fat milk is less sweet than whole milk. Skim milk is the lightest version compared to whole and reduced-fat milk.

Non-dairy milk is the ideal choice for vegans and lactose-intolerant drinkers. It can come from many sources like almonds, soy, oats, and more.

Pour in Your Favorite Sweetener

Another way to customize your drink is with sweeteners. It can either be a simple sugar or honey, but if you want to be a little more special, syrups are the way to go. Using syrups the coffee’s flavors. This is especially helpful for drinkers who are sensitive to the bitterness of coffee.

A few syrups you can experiment with are vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate. Each brings a distinct taste to your drink.

Vanilla offers a fragrant and floral-like taste to your beverage. It is one of the most popular syrup flavors. The caramel-flavored syrup adds a smooth and buttery taste. It is a comforting flavor that ties well with coffee. Hazelnut, on the other hand, is a sweetener that has a roasted and nutty taste note. The chocolate syrup needs no introduction. It is a robust and versatile syrup that you can use from your coffee down to your favorite dessert.

Pick Your Beverage Container

Pick your beverage container

Now that you have your delicious, iced brew at hand, it is time to choose where and how you’re going to enjoy it. Using the same cup is an easy way to reduce the number of dishes in the sink. But if you are on the go, choosing the right beverage container is important to enhancing your coffee-drinking experience.

A travel mug is a great way to transport your coffee from one place to another. It is often designed with insulated walls, keeping your coffee fresh and cold. For longer insulation, a thermos is an ideal choice for you. It is great for long car rides or hikes, safely carrying your pick-me-up drink.

Key Takeaway

Making an iced quick brew with instant coffee is more convenient. To further elevate your beverage, you can add in milk and sweeteners of your choice. But in truly getting your caffeine cravings, choosing the best coffee is still the most important step.

With Bona Vita, you can enhance your coffee routine with many more benefits available for you. Satisfy your caffeine habits without guilt with our nutritious products. Contact us today and experiment with your coffee recipes this summer!

How to Make Iced Quick Brew With Bona Vita
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