5 Reasons Why Organic Food Supplements Are Better for Your Health

Why are organic supplements better for your health?

  1. No chemicals added

  2. Wide variety of nutrients
  3. All-natural vitamins and minerals
  4. Faster absorption

  5. Improved gut health

Many people think that staying healthy by eating a well-balanced diet is easy. But, the reality is most diets today lack important vitamins and minerals. You too can suffer from nutritional gaps. You can end up eating too many foods that are high in certain types of nutrients, while still not eating enough foods that contain other crucial nutrients. This is why taking supplements is beneficial. 

While not a cure-all, supplements can help bridge nutritional gaps and more. That being said, we recommend taking all-natural organic supplements. Here’s why organic food supplements are better for your health.

What Are Organic Supplements?

The word “organic” is a labeling term that refers to how a supplement’s ingredients were grown and processed. 

Organic means that any ingredients in the supplements were grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering (GMOs). This also means that the production of the supplements is heavily regulated and follows strict guidelines. Organic standards also prevent the use of artificial additives, such as coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. 

Organic food supplements come in many forms including capsules, gummies, and even powdered drinks. But how does this affect you? Here are the five health benefits of taking organic food supplements: 

No Chemicals Added

No Chemicals Added

All the chemicals and synthetic matters that are typically used in farming and processing produce are eliminated when it comes to producing organic supplements. Instead, ingredients are grown carefully and sustainably using different agricultural methods to ensure their quality. 

Organic supplement manufacturers do this because they understand the harmful long-term effects of pesticides and other hazardous substances used in traditional farming. These chemicals seep into the core of produce, which then find their way into a synthetic supplement. Consuming these will expose your body to harmful substances and impact your health in the long run. 

It’s always better to choose organic supplements because you reduce your exposure to such harmful chemicals while improving your nutrient intake. 

Wide Variety Of Nutrients

Organic supplements aren’t just made from one kind of fruit or vegetable. They’re made from a wide variety of fresh produce. This means that each organic supplement is packed with multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers, and other phytonutrients that your body needs. Each of these nutrients plays a key role in your body. 

Taking an organic supplement regularly can make all the difference in your overall health.

Of course, the benefits of taking an organic supplement will depend on what they are made from. Some organic supplements may primarily contain berry extracts, which are rich plenty in antioxidants and other vitamins. Others may contain vegetables, which can provide support for your digestive system. 

Most people struggle to get all the nutrition needed by their bodies. If you do have nutritional gaps in your diet, consider taking organic food supplements. 

You can expect that there are hundreds of organic supplement options to choose from. Each one is specifically formulated to provide certain benefits. What makes an organic supplement the best for you will depend on what nutrients you need the most.

All-Natural Vitamins and Minerals

All-Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Hundreds of studies found that crops grown organically have significantly higher concentrations of vitamins and other nutrients as opposed to crops grown using traditional methods. 

As organic supplements are made wholly from these organic crops, you can expect that they offer better nutritional benefits. Organic supplements provide all-natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients at higher concentrations than synthetic supplements. 

All-natural supplements are far superior to synthetic ones. Simply put, your body will benefit more from the all-natural ingredients of organic supplements.  

Faster Absorption

Research shows that synthetically-made supplements are less likely to be absorbed by the body compared to all-natural ones. This quality is known as bioavailability. When ingredients have low bioavailability, the body struggles to absorb and use them. As a result, your body will only receive a fraction of its supposed nutritional value.

Poor bioavailability may cause synthetic supplements to be partially absorbed. The rest may stay within your digestive tract, resulting in unwanted side effects like nausea or diarrhea. Additives and fillers from synthetic supplements can also deprive minerals and other nutrients of their ability to benefit your body. 

Organic supplements are highly bioavailable. This means that they provide vitamins and minerals that your body can quickly absorb. As a result, you receive more nutrients. 

Improved Gut Health

Improved Gut Health

Many synthetic supplements can disrupt parts of the digestive system, particularly the gut microbiome. Taking a synthetic supplement causes gut microbiome imbalance, which can lead to digestive issues such as inflammatory bowel disease. 

Organic supplements rarely interfere with gut bacteria. This is because they contain all-natural ingredients that are grown using sustainable agricultural practices. The ingredients of organic supplements often include beneficial microorganisms, which support a healthy gut microbiome. 

Where Can I Get Organic Supplements?

When you’re looking for organic supplements, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide array of choices in the market. In the Philippines, there are hundreds of options to choose from. 

Look for reputable manufacturers and suppliers of organic food supplements and products. They are the ones who know best how to capture the full nutritional value of organic supplements.  

At Bona Vita, we take great care in making all of our organic food supplements. We use a variety of organically grown and processed fruits, vegetables, and herbs to provide holistic nutrition solutions for all! 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know why organic food supplements are better for your health, check out Bona Vita’s wide range of organic food supplements. Order today to experience all the health benefits of our high-quality supplements!          

5 Reasons Why Organic Food Supplements Are Better for Your Health
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