5 Ways Organic Coffee Can Improve Heart Health

What are ways that organic coffee can improve your heart health?

  1. Controls blood sugar
  2. Increases good cholesterol, lowers bad triglycerides
  3. Decreases risk of heart disease
  4. Reduces the chances of heart failure
  5. Lessens the possibility of a stroke

Coffee is a popular beverage that’s drunk all over the world by people of all lifestyles and ages. It’s known for its energy boosting qualities, but did you know that it also has a lot of health benefits? For many drinkers, it’s the largest source of antioxidants and fiber for their diet. From this, people can experience many improvements in their body — including their heart. Read on to learn more about the ways that organic coffee can improve heart health.



5 Ways Organic Coffee Can Improve Heart Health

Why buy organic coffee?

While most coffee is healthy and can provide benefits for your body, the quality of it’s nutritional value will vary depending on how the coffee was grown and processed. Most coffee beans are sprayed with synthetic chemicals and pesticides, which negatively affect the minerals and antioxidants naturally found in coffee.

If you are concerned about the presence of harmful chemicals in your coffee, buying organic coffee beans will get rid of the problem. Organically grown coffee is grown chemical-free, and carefully cultivated by experienced farmers, which boosts the nutritional value of the beans.

Controls blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes is a point of concern for many adults. It is a condition that comes about when one’s body isn’t able to properly absorb sugar into cells, which causes it to build up in the blood instead. Type 2 diabetes is also linked to increased risk at developing cardiovascular complications, such as heart diseases.

Drinking organic coffee can be a good prevention tool. A study found that those who moderately drank organic coffee each day had 25% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who did not consume coffee.

This is because organic coffee is a great source of antioxidants — such chlorogenic acid and trigonelline. These antioxidants regulate your glucose and insulin levels which in turn deters the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Increases good cholesterol, lowers bad triglycerides

Increases good cholesterol, lowers bad triglycerides

When we think about cholesterol in our bodies, we consider “high” levels to be bad for us. While this is true with LDL cholesterol, high levels of HDL cholesterol is actually a good thing for our blood.

HDL cholesterol helps control excess cholesterol in our blood, and transports it back to our liver. Our liver then works to flush it out of our body. Without enough HDL cholesterol, our body would struggle to remove “bad” cholesterol.

One study reported that high consumption of organic coffee — particularly unfiltered espressos — promoted HDL cholesterol levels, while decreasing “bad” cholesterols such as triglyceride. This was linked to a lower risk of heart complications caused by triglycerides. 

Decreases the risk of heart disease

One serious problem with heart health is that calcium can build up in your coronary arteries, which leads to increased risk of coronary artery disease. This condition can cause reduced blood flow, hypertension, blood clots, and even heart attacks.

Doctors will often recommend prescription medicines and exercise to prevent this from happening, but changes in your diet will also greatly improve your chances against contracting this disease.

Studies have shown that people who consume up to five cups of organic coffee per day are less likely to exhibit artery damage. Those who drank at least three cups per day were also found to be less likely to develop calcification in their arteries. This is because coffee can protect the muscular chambers of the heart from inflammation, and improve blood flow.

Reduces the chances of heart failure

Reduces the chances of heart failure

Drinking organic coffee has also been associated with reduced risk of heart term failure. Researchers compared coffee drinkers with people who didn’t drink coffee. They found that the risk of heart failure over time decreased between 5% and 12% for each cup of coffee consumed each day.

Heart failure can occur when the heart is weak and unable to supply your body’s cells with enough blood. This reduces the amount of oxygen your cells receive, which then impairs bodily function. People who suffer from this condition are often fatigued and short of breath. They may have extreme difficulties walking, jogging, or doing other daily activities.

Studies showed that organic coffee, when taken long-term, can significantly improve blood flow. This was true for coffee that was healthily taken in a repeated pattern. Healthy coffee habits were noted as organic coffee consumed without added sugar and high fat dairy products such as cream.

Lessens the possibility of a stroke

Like the other heart conditions mentioned, the possibility of suffering from a stroke can also be lessened with regular coffee intake. Multiple studies found that by drinking at least one cup of organic coffee per day was able to reduce the chances of a stroke by 17-20%.

Strokes happen when there is a blood clot obstructing or narrowing the blood pathways leading to your brain. Clots often form in the carotid artery due to plaque buildup, which is the most common type of stroke. The regular intake of coffee allows your body to get a good dose of antioxidants, fiber, and caffeine. These three substances work together to benefit your cardiovascular system by preventing blood clots from forming.

Key Takeaway

Drinking coffee is simple, easy, and surprisingly beneficial to your health. As discussed, there are many ways organic coffee can improve heart health. Having a single cup of black organic coffee can keep your blood flow smooth, and your heart safe.

Whether you’re new to drinking it, or simply looking for a good brand of organic coffee, we recommend trying Bona Vita’s 8-in-1 coffee. This coffee offers plenty of antioxidants and vitamins that are proven to protect against heart complications and illnesses.

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