5 Ways to Reduce Uric Acid

What are the ways to reduce uric acid?

  1. Limit intake of high-purine foods
  2. Avoid sugar-filled food and drinks
  3. Increase intake of vitamin C
  4. Try drinking coffee
  5. Manage your stress levels


Uric acid is the chemical produced when your body breaks down purines. Purines are found in food such as beer, dried beans, organ meats, certain seafood, and more. It passes out of your body through the kidneys and into the urine. If too much uric acid is produced or not enough is filtered out, you can experience side effects. High uric acid is also called hyperuricemia. This can cause problems such as gout and kidney stones. If you’re looking for ways to reduce uric acid, keep on reading!


Limit Intake of High-Purine Foods

The first step in lowering your uric acid is to tackle the root source. By limiting the intake of high-purine foods, you’re also reducing the amount of uric acid in your body. Here are some examples:

  • Wild game meats such as duck and goose
  • Organ meats such as liver
  • Alcohol such as beer
  • Seafood and fish such as trout, tuna, sardines, shellfish, herring, and anchovies

Other than these, there’s also a moderate amount of purines in poultry, oyster, shrimp, and crab. The same goes for vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, mushrooms, and green peas. Take care to limit intake of high-fat foods such as red meat, bacon, and dairy too.

If you’re looking for low-purine foods, you can add the following to your diet instead:

  • Fat-free or low-fat dairy
  • Nuts and peanut butter
  • Most fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs


Avoid Sugar-Filled Food and Drinks

Avoid Sugar-Filled Food and Drinks

Food and drinks filled with sugar are linked with high levels of uric acid. Fructose, which is typically found in table sugar and corn syrup is the sweetener that is the potential cause. It’s also found naturally in fruits and some vegetables, but these are hard to overeat and also contain beneficial things such as vitamins, fiber, and more. Compared to that, fructose from refined sugar is absorbed faster by your body, which leads to higher uric acid.

To maintain your uric levels, it might be beneficial to avoid the following foods that contain table sugar and corn syrup.

  • Ice cream and chocolate bars
  • Sugary drinks such as soda and sports drinks
  • Bread toppings such as jams and jellies
  • Baked goods such as pie and croissants
  • Canned fruits and vegetables


Increase Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often associated with a stronger immune system which is important especially nowadays during the normal. Your body can’t produce this vitamin, so it’s necessary to get it from your diet. But other than that, did you know that it can help you reduce your blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout?

Consumption of vitamin C has been linked with lower serum uric acid concentration. Other than that, a higher intake of the vitamin has been associated with lower gout risk.

Fortunately, vitamin C is available in supplement forms. If you want to increase your intake, you can also try the Bonavita Collagen Drink. It contains vitamin C that not just boosts glutathione effectiveness but also helps with uric acid. Other than that, it also has healthy ingredients such as collagen, guyabano, L-carnitine, and stevia!


Try Drinking Coffee

Try Drinking Coffee

Other than boosting your mood and helping you wake up, did you know that a cup of coffee may help you reduce your gout flare-ups? According to scientific research, those who consume this beverage have lower chances of developing gout. On top of that, coffee drinking has been associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease—which is a risk for people with gout.

Aside from that, coffee also offers plenty of antioxidants and other health benefits such as the lower risk of certain cancers, depression, liver cirrhosis, and more. If you’re a coffee drinker, be sure to limit your sugar intake too.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your instant coffee, you can try the Bonavita 8-in-1 Coffee! Other than coffee, it also contains ingredients such as mangosteen, guyabano, moringa, ganoderma, and acai berry. It’s delicious without the guilt because it’s sweetened by stevia, a healthier sugar alternative. Both mangosteen and guyabano are rich in vitamin C so you’re also getting their benefits.


Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress also plays an important factor in your health, because it causes inflammation. This can worsen your uric acid and gout symptoms. The reality is stress can be hard to eliminate completely. With that said, you should address the things that trigger this so you can take better care of your health.

For example, if you feel burnout from work, it’s a good idea to ask for time off. Go on a vacation and unwind. Other than that, you can also allocate small parts of your day to destressing. This can be done through taking a brief walk, journaling, or listening to music. Lastly, make sure that you get ample rest.


Key Takeaway

If you consume plenty of beer, organ meat, fatty foods, and sugary beverages, you might be having a problem with uric acid and gout. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-purine foods that you can switch to. Other than that, coffee and vitamin C can also help you. Lastly, don’t forget to look for ways to manage your stress!

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5 Ways to Reduce Uric Acid

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