Top 6 Products to Include in a Christmas Basket for Employees

What are the products that I can include in a Christmas Basket for employees?

  1. Bona Vita 8-in-1 Instant Coffee
  2. Coffee Mug
  3. BonaSlim 15-in-1 Slimming Coffee
  4. Desk Organizer
  5. Bona Vita 8-in-1 Choco Drink
  6. Daily Journal


  • Giving gifts can help in building strong relationships between the employer and his employees.
  • Employees are essential in running a business; therefore, they deserve special treats this Christmas holiday.
  • A Christmas basket containing useful things is a delight to the hardworking people who keep a business going.

Employees are considered essential to a business for keeping, which is why they deserve a special treat this holiday season. Giving gifts to them can help in building strong relationships and connections that will flourish over time.

This Christmas season, what could be more fitting than giving them Christmas baskets full of items they can use at home or work? In this article, let’s find out what products to include in a Christmas basket for employees. Read it on!

Bona Vita 8-in-1 Instant Coffee

Bona Vita 8-in-1 Instant Coffee

Coffee can already be considered essential to most workplaces which is believed to increase productivity, reduce wasted time, raise morale, improve meetings, and enhance socialization for coworkers. Not to mention it can also boost employee relationships, increase willpower and longevity, and create a more positive office culture.1

A coffee consisting of a short amount of caffeine which is non-acidic, with no sugar added and less palpitation elements is quite a delight to those who have hypertension and are diabetic.²

If you’re on the hunt for delicious and nutritious coffee as a gift, our Bona Vita 8-in-1 Instant Coffee is here. It consists of organic products like mangosteen, guyabano, malunggay, Ganoderma, acai berry, and a lot more that help improve metabolism.

Coffee Mug

Along with the instant coffee mentioned above, it is a perfect match to have it with a mug that will complete someone’s day. Not all employees bring mugs that they can use for their coffee while working. Therefore, it will be a great idea to have this as a gift to them. Not only they can use it for coffee but for other types of drinks they like while working.

Each time the employee uses the mug gifted by their employer, it serves as a continual reminder that their dedication and hard work have been recognized and valued.

BonaSlim 15-in-1 Slimming Coffee

Most of the office work requires long hours of sitting while doing the workarounds, which is one of the causes of most belly fat in employees.³ Those who are conscious of this need something that can help them burn their fats while doing the same routine. BonaSlim 15-in-1 Slimming Coffee is a great choice in this matter.

Also called BonaSlim, this is a mocha-flavored coffee drink that focuses on burning fats. This also consists of a cravings suppressant effect which will help you in controlling your food craving consumption.4 Including this in the Christmas basket will be a good factor in imposing a healthy lifestyle among the employees.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Desk organizers maintain the overall neatness of office items, helping create a tidy and organized workspace. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the office but also promotes a more productive and efficient work environment.

They also facilitate easy access to essential items. By keeping pens, documents, and other supplies neatly arranged, employees can quickly locate and retrieve what they need without wasting time searching through clutter. This accessibility can streamline daily tasks and contribute to a smoother workflow.

Bona Vita 8-in-1 Choco Drink

Coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, to those who don’t indulge themselves in coffee, Bona Vita 8-in-1 Choco Drink is what they need. The good thing about this drink is it can also be consumed by kids from 4 years old and up. It consists of chlorella and bacopa, which are generally good for your health.5

It also consists of cocoa, guyabano, mangosteen, and malunggay which are essential to boost the immune system. Therefore, it is a good choice as a Christmas gift for employees who don’t drink coffee too much and for those who have kids.

Daily Journal

The year is almost ending and most of us can hardly track our achievements in the past months of the year. A daily journal to keep track of everything we do and need to do is a great assistance. Employees deserve this kind of gift to also monitor how productive they are daily.

With this journal, they can also express themselves on it whether they’re in ecstatic or downside moments. It does promote personal well-being, mental health, and personal growth.6 Including this in a Christmas basket will be refreshing to employees’ professional careers.

Key Takeaway

Giving a gift to the employees to thank them for their hard work isn’t a bribe in any sense. It is appreciating what they’ve done to the company and the success they brought which keeps the business operating.

Since Christmas only happens once a year, it will surely be memorable for the employees if they receive the above-mentioned products to include in a Christmas basket for employees from the company prioritizing their health and wellness.

Bona Vita provides organic products designed for daily consumption. Reach out to us today to acquire the healthful goodness encapsulated in every sachet!



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Top 6 Products to Include in a Christmas Basket for Employees
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